Leather goods
brought to life in spAIN.




My name is Laura Margna. I’m a young leather goods designer from Switzerland. I specialize in the creation of leather goods of the finest quality, entirely handmade by world-renowned, qualified artisans.

I established my titular label in 2018 with the goal of making products that correspond with my values, namely:

– Produce quality creations that are reasonably priced

– Design pieces that will last a lifetime

– Shine a light on production processes and expertise that were previously hidden

– Guarantee fair pay to artisans as well as optimal working conditions

– Practice transparency and honesty

– Use only the highest quality materials that are not detrimental to humans or the environment

– Create bags to fit the modern woman and her unique needs. For all women who are: moving, working, travelling; for women who are versatile and like to feel elegant in every circumstance

My Journey

Becoming a fashion designer was my dream ever since I was a little girl.

After graduating from high school, I started directly in my second year at the School Of Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne, a demanding program focused solely on the techniques involved in haute couture.

Once I had completed that program, I returned to Switzerland. I spent a few months working for a stylist in Zurich, and then, determined to continue my education, I enrolled in the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz Basel (FHNW) (University of Applied Sciences in Basel), a reputable fashion school in Switzerland. In 2015, I received my diploma in International Fashion Design, and I began to consider how to go about starting my own brand.

Since the ins and outs of creating and running a fashion company cannot be taught in school, I was a bit intimidated (quite the understatement) by the idea of getting started. Regardless, I gathered all of my courage and finally, officially created my brand in 2018 after three years of research, trials, and errors.

My Style:

My style is truly a mix – a combination of several disparate influences.

On one hand, you have a design that is minimalist, simple, and classic, with clean forms and subtle lines. Similar to the style of Japanese or Swedish design.

On the other hand, I also try to recreate the aesthetics of Mediterranean countries (primarily Spain, which I love): bright and vibrant colors, sunny terraces, exuberance and elegance.

This combination, this mix of different styles, comes together in a very pleasing way...each bag has a character of bubbly energy hiding beneath a calm façade.

However, first and foremost, I want my bags to be practical. I want them to be able to suit every occasion. My goal is to combine practicality with beauty. This is one thing that I always keep in mind when creating a new design.




All of my collections are designed in Switzerland
and made by hand in Andalusia, Spain.





I work with one of the most well-known workshops in Spain. Each artisan is a master of their craft and has several years of apprenticeship and practice. This experience makes each bag a one-of-a-kind work of art.



My bags are made in picturesque Pueblo Blanco in Andalusia. This small town has been known for centuries for their leathercraft, although initially only in tanning. Little by little, though, they also became known for their more complex and specialized handmade work.



Our workshop was founded almost 60 years ago and handed down through three generations. While the director, Paco, manages the company, his wife works her magic on the sewing machine, and his son adds those delicate finishing touches on the leather goods.



To show you all that goes into this process and help you understand the work of our expert artisans, I would like to share some of the steps taken to create each piece.




In order to work in manufacturing, an artisan must first have five years of experience. This allows them to properly create each piece by hand using sewing machines, hammers or the specific tools of their trade.


Working conditions

50 qualified employees are involved in the creation of my bags. Some work side-by-side in our workshop, others choose to work from home and use their own sewing machines. The atmosphere in our workshop is very friendly and informal.


Quality Materials

For certain designs, you can see that I use a suede leather that is generally considered to be too expensive to be used as a bag lining. I choose to use it anyway, because its durability and resistance to color bleeding make it an ideal material. Before the suede can be used, all of the edges must be thinned so that the artisan can fold and handle the leather.


SINCE EVERY PRODuCT IS handmade from
beginning TO END, differences in individual
Bags are to be expected, and should be considered
a sign of qualitY.





Glue helps to attach the different parts to each other, before they are treated with a hammer to soften the leather and bring it into shape.



The thread used for sewing is made of polyester, which is more durable than cotton. The ends are never cut but singed, which allows for a clean and safe sealing of the seam.


Smaller straps, pieces or vents are edge-painted by hand. A special liquid is applied to prevent the paint from cracking over time. Afterwards, they are hung up to dry before the painting process starts again, sometimes up to eight times until the paint is thick enough. After each session, the edges undergo a strict quality control and are polished by hand to eliminate any uneven spots.



Utilizing this process, from the initial cutting
of the leather to joining the individual components
through those final touches, it takes four days
on average to create each piece.