Product Care


Laura Margna leather goods are crafted by master artisans in Spain using only the finest skins available. These leathers are natural and unique: any incidental tonal variation, marks or veins are natural features and should not be regarded as imperfections.


To make sure that your bag ages beautifully we recommend you to:


-Avoid overexposure to direct lighting and keep it away from direct sources of heat such as radiators and the inside of a car in summer.

-Protect it from humidity and avoid excessive contact with water, oil, perfume and cosmetic products. If your bag does come into contact with water or any of those substances, it should be gently dabbed with a dry, non-fluffy, light coloured absorbent cloth.

-Store the leather item inside its cloth bag to protect it from dust. Keep your bag stuffed to help keep its shape when not being used.

-Be careful not to overfill the bag as it may deform and strech the leather.

-To clear dust and fine debris from the suede leather lining by gently rubbing its surface with a suede brush. In case the suede leather has been in contact with water, let the leather dry before cleaning.